NET FOR U (Needs Tackling and Networks Tracing for Unaccompanied Minors Integration)

“The Smile of the Child” participated in the project “NET FOR U - Needs Tackling and Networks Tracing for Unaccompanied Minors Integration” implemented with resources of the European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals under the D.G. Home Affairs of the European Commission.

This project concerns unaccompanied minors from third countries, agencies, organizations and professionals. It aims at developing a multidimensional intervention program for the inclusion of unaccompanied children by ensuring their needs and interests, to strengthen their individual and social networks and to enhance the cooperation between agencies and services.

In particular, the project seeks the development of cross-country cooperation with professionals and agencies involved with the support of unaccompanied children, the exchange of good practices and the provision of opportunities for training, social and psychological activities, the interaction with peers from the host country and the participation to events of the country of origin.

The implementation of the project (September 2012 – March 2014) included:

  • The development of a tool for a common approach in the assessment of the needs of unaccompanied children and the tracing of their families.
  • The creation of a Manual for the intervention and the development of an individualized plan for each child.
  • The creation of a Guide for the development of a network of cooperation between organizations and agencies at a local, national and international level, aiming at designating the common challenges.

The project was implemented with the participation of partners from 7 different EU countries:

  • Italy: Istituto Don Calabria (coordinator) and Istituto Psicoanalitico per le Ricerche Sociali
  • Greece: The Smile of the Child
  • Germany: Christian Association of Youth Villages
  • United Kingdom: Europeace Youth
  • Spain: Fundaciòn Diagrama
  • Belgium: International Juvenile Justice Observatory
  • France: Association Diagrama Intervention Psychosociale

With financial support by the European Union

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