Catch and Sustain - European Cross – Actors Exchange Platform for Trafficked Children on methodology Building for Prevention and Sustainable Inclusion

The Organization “The Smile of the Child” participated in the project “European Cross – Actors Exchange Platform for Trafficked Children on methodology Building for Prevention and Sustainable Inclusion” - CATCH & SUSTAIN, implemented with the funds of the D.G Home Affairs of the European Commission in the framework of the programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” (ISEC).

The project is for children and young people who belong to vulnerable population groups (homeless children, unaccompanied minors, Roma children, children who drop out school, children living in institutions, children from poor dysfunctional families). It aims at the improvement of knowledge on the groups of people who are at risk of trafficking. In addition, its aim is to train a broad range of professionals involved in addressing the phenomenon and to enhance the networking between the civil society organizations, child protection agencies, police and judicial authorities.

The final goal of this project was the development of an educational programme on child trafficking targeted to the vulnerable groups of children as well as specialized material (including guidelines and educational sections) aiming at preventing the phenomenon and support children at risk.

The Coordinator of the project was the Ευropean Federation for Street Children (EFSC), with the participation of the following full partners:

1. Institito de Apoio á Criança (IAC), Portugal
2. Insituto Don Calabria, Italy
3. KOPIN, Malta
4. Europeace Youth, United Kingdom
5. SYNERGIA, Italy
6. Society of the Friends of Children (TPD), Poland
7. Evangelicka Diakonia na Slovensku (ED-ECAV), Slovakia
8. The Smile of the Child, Greece

The following non-governmental actors participated as associate partners:

  • Maestri di Strada, Italy
  • ECPAT, United Kingdom
  • Terre des hommes International Federation, Belgium
  • Cambridge University Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking, United Kingdom


Moreover, the following governmental actors participated as associate partners:

  • Public Security Police, Portugal
  • General Direction of Social Integration, Portugal
  • Observatory on Trafficking in Human Beings, Portugal
  • Veneto Region Ombudsman, Italy
  • Department of Juvenile Justice, Italian Ministry of Justice, Italy
  • Officer of the Commissioner for Children, Malta
  • Vice Squad of the Police Forces, Malta
  • Ealing Borough Council, United Kingdom
  • Police Investigation Department, Slovakia


The implementation of the project began in April 2013 and was completed in March 2015.

You can view the final publication of the project here.


With financial support by the European Union


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