Being jealous of my baby brother

29 June 2011

Getting a little brother is always a difficult situation for most children and the new arrival brings many changes. From the moment the new baby arrives, the older child ceases to be everyone’s point of attention. Furthermore, the older child starts sharing things that until then he took for granted such as games, its room, even the people it loves such as mom and dad. Indeed, many changes and adjustments to be made!

As children continue to grow up, things become more difficult for both. It’s quite certain, that two brothers differ in many things such as weight, height, school grades. They may also differ in views, behaviors and interests. As a result, and with no apparent reason, they may get into huge fights, resembling "warfare". Such fights, however, magically and quite soon are followed by moments of truce and reconciliation.

As odd and unbelievable as it sounds, our brother is our first and eternal friend. Together we will play our first games, explore the world around us and finally, it is our brother that we would run to share our secrets, our concerns, and happiness.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our parents have given us a wonderful gift; someone that will always be there for us: Our brother!