Easter for children with serious health problems

53 Easter Candles & Chocolate Eggs × €20

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No child should ever get sick and certainly none should ever suffer from chronic irreversible health issues. Even so, a child remains a child, having to deal with a new reality disrupting its daily routines; often a child’s room is converted into a hospital room, as a constant reminder that this is the battle-field in which the child and its parents are expected to win daily fights. “The Smile of the Child” and its medical team stand next to children with serious and chronic health issues through the Pediatric Home Care Program. During Holy Week, we will visit each of these brave children.  

Would you be willing to help us offer each of these children an Easter Candle and the most delicious chocolate egg handcrafted from our volunteers?


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Traditional dinner for 25 Children

300€ for the resurrection dinner for the 25 children in one of our Homes

8 traditional dinners (€2,400)
8 supporters

Easter meal for a family

150€ for Easter meal for a family

9 easter meals (€1,350)
9 supporters

Festive Easter for every child

50€ for Easter Candle, Chocolate Egg and a pair of Shoes for every child

45 Easter Candles, Chocolate Eggs and a pairs of Shoes (€2,250)
35 supporters