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Lunch at school is an absolutely necessary daily “must” for children at school. It gives them the energy they need to cope with intense school activity. Malnourished children even faint if they can not have a proper snack at their breaks. It is also a matter of comparison between children, who usually come hard on each other if a peer can not afford.

  • Would you help us secure a healthy snack for all of our children that will help them get through demanding school days and offer the necessary nutrients for their growth?

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Urgent need for a new Bus

87.000€ to buy a new bus for our home in Corfu

€27,069 pledged so far
GOAL €87,000

Special Educational Needs

€21.000 to cover the special educational needs for 7 out of the 300 children

€11,944 pledged so far
GOAL €21,000

In loving memory of Irene-Alexandra Konstantinidis.

The collected amount will be allocated to cover the special transfers with the ambulances

€5,195 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €3,000